Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Motorcycle Inspection, Appraisal and Export Services

Motor-Cycle Inspection and Export Services
We have been buying and selling classic motorcycles since 1999 and have been involved with motorcycles since the 1970’s.  During that time period I have often purchased motorcycles that did not match the sellers on line description.  It is both more cost efficient and less stressful to have a trusted person to do a field inspection and evaluation when purchasing motorcycles at a distance.  I can assist with a single bike or a whole collection.
We also offer appraisals and sales estimates as well.  The market is constantly fluctuating and some motorcycles have increased in value while others have fallen off in value.  We can assist with the valuation and sale of single motorcycles or whole collections.
In the process of buying and selling motorcycles I have exported many bikes to other countries.  We can assist with export, crating and pick up of motorcycles for shipping to most countries through out the world.  It is very important that the motorcycle be properly packaged to avoid shipping damage.   We are located in Southern California close the shipping ports in Los Angeles and can receive the motorcycle from your shipper, crate the bike and deliver it to port for shipping.
I have shipped motorcycles all over the United States and can recommend top quality shippers who will pick the motorcycle up at your location with no need for special packaging.  Please see the shippers I recommend at the bottom of the page.  Cheapest is not always best!
We will gladly provide a quote based on your needs.
Tim Drennen
 Recommended shippers within the Continental USA
Keyboard Carriage….keyboardmotorcycleshipping.com
Federal Motorcycle Transport………..alliedmotorcycleshipping.com