Thursday, October 13, 2011

James Built Knuckle

Harley-Davidson knucklehead

This thing is so clean it hurts, built by Jesse James a while back.  The man has talent, no doubt about it.  In my opinion he brought back the art form of a pure and simple style that had went by the wayside years ago.

When we built our choppers in the 70's we didn't build theme bikes (well some did), we built stripped down machines to fly up the freeway as fast as we could get away with.  I remember splitting lanes when I was in my 20's going well over 100 mph on a stripped down machine that I knew intimately since I had built it from the ground up.

I took my wife over to Dana Point last night for dinner and a little beach time, it was almost painful to get in my truck and drive home instead of flying home on my old Knucklehead bobber (not the one shown above, but the one I sold 6 years ago)!