Saturday, October 22, 2011


I am looking for a few good sponsors for the Cannonball 2012 Coast to Coast Run, in exchange for some help with the run I will post you as a sponsor on my blog as well as putting your name on the side of our support van when we do the run.  The van will travel 3800 miles across the country and will be seen by thousands of interested, potential customers.  This event will draw a lot of attention both nationally and internationally.  The run in 2010 was covered by magazines all around the globe.

I spoke to an older gentleman yesterday who has one of the oldest Indian dealerships in the country, he was a very interesting person.  I asked him about sponsoring me but he was about all in with the motorcycle business. Indian is now telling him to take his sign down, this is after him investing over one million dollars in his Indian dealership.

He had become a dealer when Indian started up in Gilroy and had stayed with it until now.  Indian has made so many transitions in the past years that they have left their dealerships high and dry.  Basically, there has been little dealership support with each change of ownership.  Some things never change, this was Indian Moto-Cycles downfall which caused their failure in the 1950's.