Saturday, October 15, 2011

Old Number 27

I received an e-mail from Lonnie this morning asking me what number I wanted for the Cannonball Endurance Race.  I told him 27, 28 or 29.  He replied back that I will be #27.  My Mom, Delores Drennen (Truax) was born in 1927 so I am cool with that.

She was old school all the way.  She was born in Bismark North Dakota during a central plains blizzard.  She told me that her mother brought her home from the hospital on the train and that her father met them at the train station with a horse and sleigh.  The three of them went back to the farm on the sleigh in the middle of a Dakota white out.  Back in the day folks depended on the horse to know its way home and 99% of the time the horse went right to the barn.  That is old school resilianse on the level most people have not only forgotten but never knew about in the first place

Mom will be 85 when the race takes place, my hat is off to you for all you have been and all you have done throughout your life !