Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Well here we are heading into a brand new year.  No doubt it will be interesting.  With all the apprehension surrounding us it would be easy to get swallowed up in the noise.  The economy is a shambles, not just in the USA but globally.  The politicians and banks are greedily obtaining everything in their wake, so what to do?

Sometimes it is easy to forget that the small pleasures with friends and family are what make the whole deal work out.  The world as a whole has forgotten about any form of values in their personal lives.  Quality has gone out the window, good enough is good enough. There is no mindfulness that there is a God whom we are responsible to please with our lives and decisions.

Here is a whole new chance to do this thing right.  Get our priorities  in perspective and go on ahead with our faces toward the wind and the storm that rages all around us and find an internal peace that passes all understanding.