Monday, January 16, 2012

Cannonball Race Options

Here are some interesting pre-1930 motorcycles that it would be interesting to ride in the Cannonball.  Some may be a bit light but remember that the Trans-Continental ride has been done on bikes as small as the two stroke 1919 Cleveland single.  Some of these are bikes that I used to own.

1929 Velocette KSS
This is one of the bikes I really regret selling. I bought it from a collector in Albuquerque and at the time all I was doing was flipping bikes as fast as I bought them.  The first time I saw it I was completely won over but it wasn't for sale at that time.  Later it came on the market and I bought it at my wifes insistence. 
It had a lever throttle with one of the first positive stop foot shifters.  I would ride this bike across the country or at least try with no hesitation.

This is a 1919 Cleveland two stroke single, it is one of the first really old bikes I ever owned.  I found it in the back of an antique shop in Sebastapol, CA

This is a 1924 Terrot single, these bikes were made in France.  I later restored this bike for a friend but it really should have just been mechanically rebuilt and left alone. 
It was quite interesting as the bike had been wrecked at some point in its life and the frame was broken in half.  Someone had cobbled together a repair and kept riding it.  I later sent it out to have the frame repaired correctly. The guy kept the frame for months and when I got it back it was completely broken in half in a different area !  He just threw it in a box and shipped it at the mercy of UPS. 
Anyway I finally got it fixed and finished it up.  Like I said it should have been left alone as it had a kind of cool old grace about it as it was.