Saturday, January 28, 2012

Road Trip

I made the drive up to Northern California the other day to pick up the 1955 Triumph T100.  It wasn't a bad trip as I divided it up into two days.  I stayed in Oroville and drove up to Magalia the next day.  It has never failed to impress me how beautiful it is in NORCAL.  I remember the first time I ever came into California in 1976, it was early spring and it had snowed almost the whole trip from Montana.  There was massive snow build up in the Sierra's but as we came down into the Sacramento valley the sun came out and I thought I was in heaven.  I have always loved California.
Anyway, when I saw the Triumph I was under-whelmed to say the least, so I started looking around for something else to add to the purchase so it wouldn't feel like a wasted trip.  Among all the BSA Goldstars and Velocettes there was a little Laverda single that just looked like a jewel.  We came up with a figure we could both live with and I brought it home.

My daughter Stephanie on the little Laverda

The Laverda is a 75 Sport which has a 75 cc four stroke overhead valve engine.  It is an amazing little bike which needs very little.  I got it started and the thing sounds like a fighter plane. Just awesome !
Believe it or not, these little Laverda's dominated Italian racing in their class for several years when they first came out.  Not because of their overall top speed but because they were very reliable.
If it doesn't sell right away I will rebuild the carb and go from there.  It is for sale and if you are interested you can call me @ 951-992-9839
I am trying not to buy anything I can't live with and enjoy for a while and both motorcycles fit that category.