Saturday, April 21, 2012

1946 Chief

I really like the '46 Chiefs when they are built with 18" wheels.  When I first looked into buying an Indian there was a midnight blue 46 Chief for sale in Fairfield, CA.  The bike was immaculate and the owner had spent a lot of money getting it that way.  I don't remember why he was selling as the bike was perfect. 

I was a little short of his asking price so I spent $10k and bought a nice basket case with a rebuilt powerplant from Jim Troche.  By the time I was finished I spent much more that the 46 would have cost me.  Lesson to be learned... you can always buy a finished bike cheaper than you can build one yourself if you shop around and take your time.   Basket cases will break your heart and your wallet even when you get a good honest one.