Saturday, April 14, 2012

John Donovan's Indian Bobber

This one of my all time favorite Indian Moto-Cycles, it was built by John Donovan of Vallejo, CA.  I believe it has a 1948 Chief frame and a 1947 engine, the engine was built by Jim Troche who has his shop in Indian Alley, Vallejo. 

John used to live right around the corner from me and I had the opportunity to meet him shortly before he passed away.  This bike was a neat little ride that was ridden as it was intended.  After he passed I contacted Jim who was helping sell J.D.'s bikes and he still had this one.  I looked at it and should have bought it, I had the money but just didn't recognize it for what a treasure it was at that time.  To me the lines are nearly as perfect as an Indian can get.

if you look at the 1938 Knuckle I built you will see how much I liked J.D.'s bike.