Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free Use of Content

I would like to respond to all the folks out there in cyber space about using pictures found on PUBLIC domains.  I use pictures on this blog that I find of interest to me as a motorcycle aficionado, some people have an issue with this as if a person were stealing from them.  I generally leave a comment on where I found the picture.  Fair play would dictate that I don't get upset when someone uses a picture of mine ( for years I have found pictures I posted on other people sites).

Feel free to re-use any of the content that you find interesting, just don't post a motorcycle that I own and try to sell it as your own to some unlucky individual.  Yes this has happened also.  I had a 1927 Scout that I sold years ago and right after it sold another person tried to scam someone into buying it.  I quickly responded that the seller did not have the bike to sell because it was still sitting in my garage.

So again, please help yourself.