Thursday, April 19, 2012

Making a Little Progress

I have been trying to get the primary wrapped up on my Sportster and have a had a ratchet gear bushing on back order for about 3 weeks.  I finally got tired of waiting and called the local Harley Davidson dealership and low and behold they referred me to Mestminster Harley Davidson.  I didn't expect much as I have been this route before with old bikes,  to my surprise they had the bushing so I drove over to pick it up as I need to get this bike running.  When I got there the parts guys were extremely helpful and had the part ready.  I should have known this, but the bushing has to be reamed to fit and they didn't have anyone who could do it for me.  After being told that " everyone who works on these old bikes is dead",  even though I assured them that we are not dead but very alive.  These guys were about the best I have seen in a long while, they asked if I had tried Sporty Specialties which was about 10 miles from their shop.  They called over there and the owner had what I needed and after a bit more effort I had everything I needed (almost ).  It turns out that the later one piece ratchet gear and bushing do not work on a '69 XLCH so I had my son Nick take the bushing I bought from Harley to school and he is going to take care of it.  When he graduates from machinist school I would like to buy him a shop sized mill and lathe.  For both of us.

Bottom line is that customer service pays off, if I ever buy a new Harley I know exactly where I am going.  Westminster Harley Davidson, thanks guys !