Monday, April 30, 2012

Levon Helm Has Passed On

I always liked The Band and I didn't realize how how good Levon sounded even as the years toiled on.  The video takes me back to my roots, I was born and raised in North Dakota and Montana.  My grandfather had a large cattle farm outside of Bismark, N.D.  that my cousin Carrie still operates. 

These people are tough. No wining and crying, just work from dawn to dark.  Carrie amazes me how she runs the whole deal all by herself.  Yes, that's right herself !  My hats off to all the "Poor Old Dirt Farmers" out there. 

I hear they are passing a bill to "protect" the kids raised up on farms because farm work is too dangerous.  It probably is better to plant them in front of video games, television and computers all day long and let them just kind of fatten up so they will be productive citizens.  Not to mention these maddening celllular devices that people can't put down long enough to even converse with you.  If the Lord tarries it should get real interesting with all these hard working people who are coming along these days.   GET REAL !